Falkenberg is a city at the Western Coast of Sweden, in the province Hallands Län. It is located in the middle between Gothenburg and Malmö and is very easily accessible by any means of transport.

By car from the South

From Antwerp, Belgium you can take the highway through the Netherlands (following Breda, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Appeldoorn, Hengelo), passing through Germany (following Osnabrück, Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Puttgarden). In Puttgarden take the ferry towards Rødby Havn. (Approximately 45 minutes). Continue on the E 47 and pass Copenhagen, follow direction Helsingör to take the next ferry towards Helsingborg. (Approximately 20 minutes). Then follow the E6 direction Gothenburg, until Trafikplats Heberg (49) where you can take the exit towards your destination. From Antwerp the trip is just over 1000 kilometres and takes you around 11 hours.

Tickets ferries

At the ferry in Puttgarden you can buy a combination ticket for both ferries Puttgarden-Rödby and Helsingör-Helsingborg (with return). Both ferries depart approximately every half an hour and there are rarely long queues. For more information and actual pricess you can visit .


Instead of taking the ferry Helsingör-Helsingborg, you can also choose to take the toll bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. The toll bridge is as expensive as the second ferry, but the route over the bridge is approx. 60 km longer. It will save you obviously the ferry crossing.

If you prefer to take the plane, you can do so. The closest airport is approximately 100 km away and called Landvetter (Gothenburg).